Our goal, have your audience be surprised, marvelled, happy even for a second.

What we do

5.5 questions about experience design

  • What is Experience Design?
  • How do you get all your ideas ?
  • How your background in Internet Marketing and new technology helps?

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The kenaz is a Celtic symbol. It means creativity and technical abilities. Skills, we craft together, to make your clients, audience, patrons, have a thing for you!

Kenazart, experience designers is brought together by Patricia Gallot-Lavallée.

Services we offer

Popular products

  • Brainstorms and seminars "what's my company personality? How can we express it?"
  • "LeCatalog" for events and christmas cards.
  • Designing experiences for your clients.

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Case studies, Success analysis & Theories

when experience beats love

Google Labs allows us in one click to analyse the content of 5 million books. This graph compares the use of the word love to the wordexperience throughout the last century. Isn't it interesting? Here the Ted video, and here a link to play with your

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in Hotels & Restaurants

When Parisian terraces have it experiential

I don't know if you know, but french especially parisians are not that big on bringing their lunch to work. Therefore a vast number of restaurants are designed for your usual lunch business people. What would have been the brasseries' business is

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in Shops & Services

when it's all about having to make a choice

I know. What about you? What are you?

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in Education & training

My teaching program for 2011-2012

Autonomy, mastery, purpose, building confidence, relationship skills, focusing on talents. Here are my teaching guidelines for 2011-2012. Here the interactive version in Flash

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in Websites & Digital services

when voyages-sncf.com surprises a few travellers

Should you book your French train ticket on the main online reseller, you might end up with a surprise. :-)

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in Advertising & Corporate Communication

when emotional responses make the ad

Here the ad to the King Kong ride, 360, 3D at Universal Studios, Los Angeles. Here the ad of Dead Space 2, their argument: "If your mother hates it, you'll looove it."

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in Products & Packagings

when you first experience an iPad

When you first experience an iPad, you turn it around, you say "hellloo" while putting it up to your ear, you play on car games turning around the iPad as if it was a steering wheel and bang, it hits you: you see a scratch on your screen.

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in Your Every Day Life

when Armelle Solelhac decides to visit all the ski resorts around the world.

The other day, a friend of mine, says : "you design experiences, I should introduce you to this person. She is a ski resort consultant." So he does, and we meet...and she tells me her story... and I have to say, it doesn't happen to me

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in Entertainment

when Camomile Hixon is unapologetically positive

Can you imagine being that Yes? Wearing that Yes? How does that make you feel? Weird, hein? Another piece of art by Camomile, how you seen the unicorn?

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Our publications

Intellectual tourist city guides to San Francisco, Geneva, Paris....

We publish every 3 new moon, a publication (?). Next one: Intellectual tourist city guide to Geneva, fev 13, 2010. How exciting!

and then: LeBrandLoveMeter, let's measure the love of the crowds for brands.

Events & Speaking engagements

Kenazart Experience Designers

adds a little sugar to sturdy products.

Our mission

Have your users make that face

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Our services :

  • Consulting, audit
  • Brainstorms, training
  • Recommandations and implementations of solutions.

All sorts of ways to contact us :

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Tel : +33 (0)1 47 63 29 52
Fax : +33 (1) 73 76 91 60

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